Newtoy started by Joel Cahen in Stoke Newington, London in 1998 as a cover and framework for his musical activities. In 2002, he began holding series of music and mulit-disciplinary art events in London. Events which included sometimes up to 50 artists in one show involving performances, theatre, installations, video, music, etc at places like The Whitechapel Art Gallery, Gallery 291 and East London venues. See more in Archive.

Newtoy incorporated in 2007, aims to to develop art events that invoke curiosity and intellectual discourse. Newtoy creates Experiential Art, set to create situations where the artists or the audience members, expand their idea of what is possible in the intercourse of fact and fiction. To provide a range of experiences which result from artistic merit and are based in human perception, emotion and ones’ personal relationship with the subconscious and existence.

Creative producer: Joel Cahen
info <at> newtoy.org

Project manager: Rebecca Horrox
horrox <at> newtoy.org

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