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Newtoy has teamed up with phone app company Poikilia to create content for their Mobile Explorer app Realondon.
Sound content was recorded live on location of a tour by Caroline Dale a Blue Badge guide.

The tours available span across London covering old and new areas bringing the capital to life through immersive walks

Walking the real Olympic Sites – with an emphasis on the legacy and ecological aspect, this walk takes a close-up look at the stunning and profound changes that east London is undergoing in preparation for 2012 and after. See how Victorian London neglected for decades after World War II is at last being thoroughly revitalised.

Walking the real old City of London – 2,000 years of history and the original City of London still thrives as our old financial hub where centuries old churches rub shoulders with high-rise steel and glass structures home to 21st century international trade. See how the rhythm of life survives and thrives in a Roman/Mediaeval London time warp.

Walking the regenerated real London Docks – As cargo traffic on the congested Thames River declined,  London has recycled zones of industry and enterprise into fresh areas of riverside residential and business life-hubs.

Walking real Bloomsbury – the bohemian London home of the world-famous British Museum, University College, the Virginia Woolf -led Bloomsbury Group, and the Foundling Museum  which once a home for the thousands of 18th Century abandoned babies.

Walking real Mayfair – London homes of politicans and aristocrats, of scandal and high fashion for over 300 years. Money and Mayfair go hand in hand still today with hedge funds and gambling thriving behind elegant house facades on those quiet garden squares.

Walking Real Soho and Chinatown – the West End of London experience today’s cosmopolitan village in the heart of town where for centuries famous poets, musicians, scientists, inventors, philosophers, and revolutionaries lived, loved and ate extremely well.

Walking real Westminster – the Palace of Westminster with its Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey made this corner of London famous. But the walk uncovers many other equally exciting places associated with the powerful and famous nearby.

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