Interzone Theatre is a platform for augmented reality performance

An exploratory theatrical experience where the buildings, parks and waterways serve as a backdrop and passersby unwitting extras in a psychogeographical interactive journey through the cityscape.

Our first production is

The Grinder
written by Ergo Phizmiz
direction by Joel Cahen

A story of post-digital alchemy.
The Grinder is nourished by our information, our thoughts, our tweets, our images, our videos, our sounds and our dreams. Within The Grinder all this information exists in a state of perpetual alchemy, as 0s and 1s, as flesh/meat, as hallucinations, as fragments of sounds, as shards of vinyl, toys, texts, paper, machinery, microchips.

A group of hackers have managed to lock down the location of the mythical Grinder. You (on your own or with a friend) must follow a set of clues and a narrative conveyed through the headphones to arrive at the destination.

You will need a smartphone or go with someone who has one

Start location at secret location in East London which is revealed upon purchase of tickets

22nd-24th Aug 2012
17:00 – 20:30
Tickets are sold in slots of 15min
£12 / £10 conc (student / DSS)
Duration: approx. 1hr

Tickets available here:
More information here:

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After a long hiatus, Scrap Club returns to provide a much needed siphon for your destructive needs!!

Discarded machinery, obsolete equipment, circuit fried devices and household favorites require an appropriate sending off, pay them their much deserved tribute for months and years of service.

The Destructivist becomes an excavator and executioner of the creative essence, hitherto held in the confines of the utilitarian and consumerist package being smashed, crushed in its last moment of service before joining the recycling basin. The debris resulting, when examined, testifies to the origins of the object, reverting to the schemas and creative spirit that brought it to life in the first place, underneath its branded casing. Smash it up!

Joining the smashing up action we have invited several artists to express their idea of destruction in art

Project Dark website
new Live show – Smash Hits

6th Hour Production website
The Tower – a site-specific choreographed destruction action.

Litter Shitter  

Sunday, May 20, 2012
17:00 – 22:00
V22 Bermondsey
The Biscuit Factory, 100 Clements Road, SE16 4DG
Tickets here