Wet Sounds
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Some quotes:
The Guardian in a feature about Wet Sounds: It’s a bizarre experience, a bit otherworldly……The sounds are pulsating through the water at speed….With my whole body immersed, it feels as if they’re hitting every limb. It’s not like listening to music in the bath, with your head under the water: there the music gets distorted. What I’m listening to is razor sharp. It’s astonishingly immediate, inescapable, and faintly perplexing.

Wire Magazine: Wet Sounds…succeeds in truly making the audience active participants – not only aware of the environmental sound but eagerly anticipating and enjoying it… Wet Sounds managed to bring a niche art form to a public space frequented by people usually ignorant or uninterested in that niche and display it in such a fashion so as to make them interested… Exhibitions dont get much more successful than that.